Our Critical Areas are what we focus on to ensure that our clients are 100% looked after and satisfied with our services

Lead Times

All local deliveries in Gauteng are performed within 24 hours.

All national deliveries to major centres are done within a lead-time of 48 hours; outlying areas are performed within 48 – 72 hours.

Cross-Border deliveries vary.



Tragar has communication structures in place to deal with queries outside the scope of what the in-house staff can manage.



The employees and management of Tragar recognize our clients are stakeholders in Tragar and we are, in turn, stakeholders in their businesses. Tragar has consistently adapted to the needs and business requirements of our clients.



Tragar’s Filemaker system allows for the analysis of every variable pertaining to the waybill documents. Weekly updates are provided in respect of delivery document controls.


Risk Management

Tragar’s in-house staff take responsibility for all stock dispatched from the back door, on Tragar’s in-house system and waybills.

Tragar undertakes to provide the client with sufficient proof of each delivery dispatched.


Effective Administration

The in-house system, Express link, accurately records every order dispatched. The waybill is generated in four copies. The last copy (Green) is retained at ITD; the second last copy (Blue) is utilized by Tragar’s admin clerks to update the File maker system, which is also an accounting system.

Manifests are generated daily of which a copy is made for the sales department.

Waybills are attached to delivery notes and returned signed, at which time they are scanned and placed on an http webpage. Our clients have access to this on the Internet. Tragar submits a spreadsheet attached to a Pastel invoice.


Customer Satisfaction

Tragar’s employees subscribe to the value of service excellence. As the management/members of Tragar, a commitment is made to ensure that all employees who fall within the relevant bargaining council are remunerated fairly and consistently.