We provide vehicles on fixed term contracts. There are several advantages to this:

  • Reduced daily rental costs.
  • The risk associated with vehicle ownership is avoided (Not GIT, unless otherwise arranged).
  • The maintenance and vehicle costs are averted.

There are systems in place which you will benefit from:

In house Systems – Our dispatch staff utilize Freightware to prepare waybills, labels and manifest consignments from our clients, on their premises.

      • Our Filemaker system is then updated with all relevant information, including the waybill / delivery note images,  which is then available to you
      • Clients are given unique, secure access to our server where they are able to track and trace waybills, images and information pertaining to consignments.
      • The system prepares a billing invoice that is highly detailed for easy reference.

We are particularly skilled at handling high-risk deliveries, with the technology and support we have on our vehicles.

All major centres are delivered within 48-72 hours of dispatch.